The Seiko SKX007, Versatile Entry Level Diver

The Seiko SKX007, Versatile Entry Level Diver

Invariably, as watches and horology make its way onto the radar of a new watch enthusiast the question becomes what will be my first "serious" watch purchase?  Automatic of course, with at least a little street credit, and versatile enough to be used in several settings.  On a budget, (less than $500) getting more from a watch by changing the strap is a versatility multiplier.  For me the Seiko SKX007 checks all the boxes.  Purists will push for the Japanese model (SKX007J), by I personally chose the Malaysian model (SKX007K) for the equally adored and hated jubilee bracelet that is available in the Malaysian model only – I personally love it, yes it feels loose and slightly rattles but to me it is part of the straps charm. 

Seiko SKX007K on the stock Jubilee Bracelet

On a side note, I always encourage people to buy a watch with the metal bracelet option if available, as aftermarket leather, Nato, and other types of straps are widely available, but it may prove difficult or impossible to acquire a metal bracelet post watch purchase if not purchased up front. 

Seiko SKX007 on a 22mm Black and Grey with Red Nato from Watch Off The Cuff

Now that I’ve mentioned my preference for buying the metal bracelet option, the Seiko SKX series is the one watch were after-market metal bracelets of all kinds are available to suit any taste.  If you are a “Japanese Domestic Model” purist you can have the best of both worlds in an after-market metal bracelet with your SKX007J. 

Seiko SKX007 on a 22mm Vintage Style Brown Leather Strap

My first SKX purchase was the SKX009 “Pepsi” model with blue and red bezel and blue dial.  Since the future of continued production of the SKX series was in doubt I purchased the SKX007 more out of fear of missing out than pure love, I have been pleased with the purchase long-term.  Although the SKX009, for me, is the more cheerful variant, the SKX007 due to its versatility has garnered much more wrist time.

SKX007 on a 22mm Black and Grey Nato from Watch Off The Cuff

I enjoy the SKX007 equally on its stock jubilee bracelet and aftermarket vintage inspired brown leather strap, and numerous Nato strap configurations.

Seiko SKX007 on a 22mm Blue with White Strip Nato from Watch Off The Cuff

Worth mentioning is its vacation, pool, and ocean compatibility.  In addition, the dive bezel is very practical, although I’ve never timed a dive with it, has timed many a burger or steak on the BBQ and is much more convenient than a chronograph when concerned with simply minutes and not seconds.

Seiko SKX007 with 22mm Army Green Nato from Watch Off The Cuff

The Seiko SKX007, although not for everyone is definitely something to consider for your first watch with a little more substance than your standard department store find when looking for a steel sports watch.

Watch Off The Cuff

Seiko SKX007 with 22mm Black Nato from Watch Off The Cuff


Reference: SKX007J and SKX007K

Diameter: 42.5mm

Depth: 13mm

Lug Width: 22mm

Movement: Seiko7S26

Water Resistance: 200 Meters

Crystal: Seiko Mineral Hardlex

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Recently acquired a SKX myself. Love it! Wanted to know if you do any mods? Crystal/movement/bezel changes. Let me know as I may be interested.


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