Watch off the Cuff and the Great Resignation of 2021

Watch off the Cuff and the Great Resignation of 2021

Hi, I am Colin, owner of Watch off the Cuff, and founder of the watch brand Jakob Eitan, here is a little bit of my story...

For those of you who don’t know - I am part of “The Great Resignation” in 2021 – although this journey has just begun, here are a few things I did to make the transition (somewhat) easier.

My journey started with a passion for watches that evolved into a hide-hustle watch repair business about 4 years ago.  The name Watch off the Cuff was simply an Instagram account handle to showcase my watch collection for fun, but gained traction, and evolved into the repair business it is today.

Starting my own watch brand was a life-long dream.  I founded Jakob Eitan in 2020 and had my first watch available for sale in early 2021 before it even occurred to me that I would ever leave my day job.  Product development can take a long, long time – time you might not have without your current day job still paying the bills.

I have continued to leverage my main area of expertise, which is electrical automation.  I founded Gemini Automation in 2021 to have the opportunity to still be involved in an industry that has been a huge part of my life for the last 20 years.  This has allowed me to be a part of interesting projects that fit my specific experience with clients who need it.

Are you part of the great resignation? – and what advice do you have to make the transition easier?

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