How to Remove a Link from a Cotter Pin Style Watch Bracelet
Aug 2022

Although there are many type of bracelet and link types, the cotter pin style is one of the most popular.  The video above is a walk-through of how to remove (or add) links to a watch bracelet of this type.

Some of the tools used are:

- Bracelet block to hold the watch bracelet on its side while it is being worked on, actual block and pin drivers set used in the video is a Bergeon 7744-1 Bracelet Pin tool kit

- A small vice with a pin attachment, as an alternative to a bracelet block (optional)

- A small watchmakers hammer

- A small brass hammer (optional)

- A small driver pin to push the pins out of the bracelet and push them back in after re-sizing.

As always, if you are looking for professional help feel free to reach out anytime.



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